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About us

Al-Farabi Kazakh National University (est. 1934) is one of the top public universities in Almaty, Kazakhstan. It is ranked #150 in QS Global World Rankings 2023. There are 16 faculties, 37 research institutes and centers, and 66 departments with about 27 000 students in total.


Being one of the oldest and biggest economic schools in Kazakhstan, the Higher School of Economics and Business provides training at BCs, MSc, PhD, postdoc levels. More than 2000 students study at four departments of our faculty: Economics, Management, Finance and Accounting, Business-Technologies. There is also a Business Competencies Development Cluster, which unites several research centers and programs.

This website is dedicated to international conferences of the Higher School of Economics and Business, Al-Farabi Kazakh National Univerisity (Almaty, Kazakhstan). It aims to be a central hub for information about the higher school's conferences to attract attendees and promote its reputation in the academic community. The website provides information about upcoming and past conferences, including details like the date, location, theme, registration and submission instructions, keynote speakers, session topics, and presentation formats.

Key advantages of participating in international scientific conferences of the Higher School of Economics and Business:


Our conferences provide an opportunity to network with other researchers, experts, and peers in your field from around the world.

Exposure to new research

our conferences feature presentations of the latest research in the economics and business field. Participation in discussions can help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends and findings, inspiring your new studies.

Feedback and critique

Presenting your research at a conference can provide valuable feedback from other experts in your field. It helps to refine your research, identify new areas for exploration, and improve the quality of your work.

Career development

Conferences can be a valuable opportunity to develop and enhance your professional skills, such as presenting, networking, and communicating.

Publication opportunities

all accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings and will be considered for publication in other relevant academic journals.

Cultural exchange

Participating in international conferences can also provide opportunities to experience new cultures, learn about different perspectives, and gain a broader understanding of your research scope.